Our Counterfeit Policy

Hunter Select is a supplied by a domestic manufacturer that has specialized in tooling, mold making, and the manufacturing of polymer products for the firearm industry since 2013. Our manufacturer and its subsidiaries are licensed CLASS 7 FFL manufacturers. We pride ourselves in offering their quality made in the USA products. We offer these products at an affordable price with their lifetime warranty.

We would like to bring to your attention that the purchase of counterfeits and “knock-off” items hurts them as a company, our industry, and the US economy as a whole. The increasing cost of materials and labor has left them with modest margins to work with. In the past year, our manufacturer has received an increasing amount of defective goods sent back for warranty work. The have found that 99% of those items sent back by customers were counterfeit goods imported from overseas. Nearly 80% of the warranty repairs or replacement requests were men and women in our United States Armed services and law enforcement agencies. They have notified these consumers and replaced the counterfeit goods with genuine branded products.

These findings have caused great concern, but our manufacturer has refused to stand down and remain silent. They have taken measures so consumers can easily spot fakes. All of their products have a distinguished contour “Made in USA” marking (not concave results of rotary work or laser engraving). Products with US patent bear the serial number next to a distinguished contour “Made in USA” mark in bold. These measures are implemented on their grips, stocks, and rifle products. Our manufacturer has gone as far as to include a hidden mark to assist consumers in differentiating genuine products from counterfeit imports.

As one of their dealers, Hunter Select proudly stands with this policy.

Hunter Select


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