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Hunter Select is not offering a variety of sets. Last week, we announced that we have proudly become a dealer for Ledesma Arms (LAM) Featureless California Compliant Retrofit Kits.  This week Hunter Select would like to inform you that alongside the LAM Featureless California Compliant Retrofit Kits we will also be offering some kits for AK’s as well. To see the type of kits we offer just go to our website,Hunter Select, and under the Rifle Parts tab you’ll find our furniture parts section and if you still have checked out the LAM Featureless option just click here.

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Looking to Go Featureless?




We are proud to offer Ledesma Arms’ Featureless California Compliant Retrofit Kits! With these conversion kits, you will be compliant with the new laws that came into effect on January 1, 2017 and you will no longer need to register your AR in 2017 as an assault rifle. Please remember that the bullet button is considered to be a removable magazine now and is banned as an assault weapon feature. So if you are looking to go featureless, this is great option for you.

What is featureless?

Featureless refers to a rifle that does not have any features that the CA DOJ constitutes as “evil features.” Note: A featureless rifle cannot be converted back into an assault rifle. Those features are as follows:

-A pistol Grip

-Forward Pistol Grip

-A Collapsible stock

-Flash hider or suppressor

How does LAM’s Featureless California Compliant Retrofit Kit comply?

  1. There needs to be a fixed stock.

LAM provides a fixed stock. It is threaded through with a customized Allen screw designed and patented by us. This screw is designed to fit into the d-tents of your buffer tube, locking it into place and making you compliant with the first part of the California featureless law.

  1. No pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously below the action of the weapon.

LAM’s 40 degree angle rifle grip keeps the web of your hand (the skin between your thumb and your forefinger) is above that trigger line

  1. No Flash Suppressor/ hider

LAM provides in our kits a compensator or a thread protector.

With these three features, you will not have to register your weapon as an assault weapon in 2017 and since it is converted into a featureless sporting rifle you are free to drop the magazine with a standard mag button. We offer 2 calibers of comps 308 and 223/556.

Come check it out at Hunter Select or at

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Commercial vs Mil-spec


When shopping for a buffer tube, the first question is whether your stock is commercial or Mil-spec, because commercial and buffer tubs are not the same. The question we hear most here at Hunter Select is what is the difference between these buffer tubes?

It is very important to know the difference between commercial and mil-spec buffer tubes. Purchasing the wrong buffer tube will not fit into the oppositely designed stock or can create damage to your buffer tube.

The first way in which these buffer tubes differ is in the shape of the tube itself. This is the easiest way to tell the difference between commercial and Mil-spec buffer tubes. Commercial buffer tubes will have a slanted back at about 5 degrees while Mil-spec will not have this slanted feature. A Mil-spec tube always has a flat back.

The second way that a commercial buffer tube differs from a  Mil-spec standard buffer tube is in the diameter of the tube. A Mil-spec standards buffer tube has a diameter of 1.148”, while a commercial buffer tube has a diameter of 1.168”. This difference may be small but if you were to hold a commercial buffer tube in one hand and a Mil-spec buffer tube in the other, the difference can be felt and seen if put side by side.

So make sure when purchasing a buffer tube that goes with your stock that you know which type of stock you have and that you purchase the correct buffer tube.

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Announcement: Shot Show 2017

Hey Everyone!

We are proud to announce that Hunter Select will be attending the shot show this 2017! If you are attending this year, feel free to come up to us and say hi to us. We will not be having a booth but you can find us wandering around. We love meeting customers so don’t be shy! Let us know in the comment if your going or about your shot show experiences.

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Featured Product of the Week



Happy New Year and may your 2017 be a prosperous year to all!  With the beginning of the New Year comes the cleaning and disposal of the old. Why not give your firearms a little of that love and maintenance? Hunter Select has all that you need to keep you in the best condition possible. Come check out handguard remover, wrenches, vise blocks and more! Receive a  11″x 17″ maintenance mat with the purchase of $79.99 and over or a 12″x 36″ mat with the purchase of $159.99 and over.

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Featured Product of the Week


This week Hunter Select is offering our Mid-Length FreeFloat- KeyMod Handguard 15”. This is state of the art handguard is made of the strongest aircraft grade aluminum. This one piece free float design is carbine length and measures 15 inches. Our handguard is a military 1913 Picatinny top rail. Additionally our handguard is fully dehorned for a non-abrasive and more comfortable feel. Go to

Promotional Code: Enter promo code HUNTERBL to receive 10% off.